Doer Biologics won the honor of the first "Qiantang Leading Talent Team" in the new district


      In the evening of December 15th, 2020,  "Qiantang Talent Night&the First Qiantang Talent Innovation Park Opening Month Closing Party" was held in the Hangzhou Qiantang New District Innovation and Expo Center with crowded talents. The Doer Bio-innovative drug research and development team led by Dr. Yanshan Huang was awarded the first "Qiantang Leading Talent Team" in the new district for its innovative technology and practical spirit. Dr. Huang walked through the red carpet to participate in the award ceremony, and on behalf of the team received the highest-level talent honor in the new district.



      Qiantang Talent Park focuses mainly on biomedicine, covering the entire space of the new area, highlighting the three core development areas of Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port, Hangzhou Dachuang Town, and Hangzhou Linjiang High-tech Park. Through the implementation of eight major projects such as integration and upgrading of the park, special policies, introduction of high-end projects, introduction and training of professional talents, construction of high-level platforms, improvement of industrial benefits, excellence in service guarantees, and academic ecological conservation, Qiantang Caichuang Park has vigorously introduced biomedicine High-level talents and teams at home and abroad in the field, accelerated the cultivation of high-end talents in the biomedical field, and the accumulation of global high-quality innovative resources in Qiantang New District.

Dr. Yanshan Huang walking on the red carpet


Dr.Yanshan  Huang (fourth from right)


      The first session of "Qiantang Wisdom Talents", "Qiantang Leading Talents Team", "Qiantang Youth Talents" and "Advanced Units Respecting Talents",was recommended and declared by the streets, departments and platforms of the new district, and passed qualification review, expert review, and department Discuss and review and other links, and the final list is determined by the joint meeting of talents work in Qiantang New District. Doer Biotech stood out among several declared companies, and acquired the honorary qualification of "Qiantang Leading Talent Team"  after layered selection.

      Dr. Yanshan Huang is a high-level talent overseas in Zhejiang Province with nearly 30 years of experience in biomedicine research , development and industrialization. He is currently the chairman of Zhejiang Doer Biologics Co., Ltd. The members of the R&D team of Doer Biologics are all with master's degree or above, and Doer has four technology platforms: xLONGylation®, MultipleBody® and AccuBody® . Based on these platforms, Doer has developed a number of first class innovative biopharmaceuticals with strong differentiated competitiveness and market potential. Among them, 2 candidates have entered the clinical application stage.

      Doer is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of innovative drugs with independent intellectual property technology platforms, focusing on the development of innovative biological drugs in the fields of metabolic diseases and cancer. We created xLONGylation® --recombinant PEGization (rPEG) technology platform, MultipleBody®--multi-target technology platform and AccuBody®--tumor precision treatment technology platform and other original platform technologies which are the cornerstones of the company's products. The goal of Doer is to develop a new generation of more effective and safer biopharmaceuticals and provide better treatments for unmet clinical needs.

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